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lifestyle, architecture, food, travel, and everything in between


We are two people with a love for lifestyle, architecture, food, travel, and culture. We created this platform simply out of our deep interests in these things, and because our curiosities are driven by the diverse and growing nature of everything around us. The capacity we all have for creativity inspires and humbles us, and has driven us to record and share our memories, experiences, endeavors, and journeys of each and everyday. Our explorations, both near and far, have brought us closer as individuals and has established in us a belief that experiences should be shared and communicated. So we record our everyday and share it here with you, with the hope that you too may become as inspired as we have.




Mateusz grew up in a Polish family of 4 in Ottawa, and spent much of his youth consumed in everything architecture and design-oriented, being inspired first and foremost by his father. Beginning studies in architecture in Ottawa, he eventually moved to Paris at the age of 20 to study architecture at the École Nationale d'Architecture Paris Malaquais. Soon after, he moved to Toronto to complete a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urbanism, as well as a series of architectural internships. His work recognizes the powerful potential of architecture to shape the everyday mundane into something wonderful, and he continues to practice this both in academia and in professional work. When he's not obsessing over all things architecture and design, you can find him in his other happy place: in front of a hearty bowl of cacio e pepe.


Adriana grew up in downtown Ottawa, spending much of her childhood playing volleyball and practicing gymnastics; early signs of her energy and perseverance. She moved to Montreal to begin her studies, later returning to Ottawa to complete her education in Law and Criminology. She then joined Mateusz in Toronto to begin work at the Toronto-Dominion Centre downtown. Her deep interest in food and health began with her parents, who both trained at Le Cordon-Bleu Culinary Arts Institute. Through indulging in neighbourhood cafes and restaurants, she is inspired by the potential of food as both a necessity and a platform for passion. She maps out this passion through her own cooking, where whole food and mindful nutrition take precedent. Her guilty pleasure is a perfectly flaky croissant, and it wouldn't hurt if she was eating in in Paris.


Surprising to most, Adriana and Mateusz met at the very young age of 5 in elementary school. Mateusz's memories of Adriana as a child were not the most precious, but that didn't stop them from rekindling years later in the summer of 2009. After only a couple of weeks, they were smitten with each other, beginning a relationship that would take them through years of long-distance between Ottawa, Montreal, Paris, and Toronto. He is obsessed with architecture and cities. She is inspired by food and cooking. So it is only natural that their shared passion is through travel; a platform to explore food, architecture, culture, and each other. After they became engaged, it became natural to begin to let these passions guide and influence the plans for the wedding. They both hope to open a little neighbourhood cafe one day, and pretend that it exists in the 1920's.