pear pancakes with blueberry compote

we love pancakes! i'm talking love them. we always try our best to serve them when we have company because they really are a hit. this recipe is completely buttermilk and margarine free. not many people think about incorporating fruit into the actual pancake itself, fruit salad is usually a side dish to a stack of flapjacks.

zataar roasted cauliflower with beetroot hummus

what do you do when you've got a fresh head of cauliflower you've been meaning to use for something fun, and a garden filled with fresh kale and chard just waiting to be harvested? (and if not from your own garden, some that you've just picked up that's just as fresh!) you make this roasted cauliflower dish because its quick, easy to adapt, and intensely flavorful. for us, cauliflower pairs perfectly with flavors of zataar, garlic, lemon, and fresh herbs. so we make a type of hummus to drizzle over the cauliflower. and with beets coming into the summer season, we add those suckers too because the color is irresistible! all plated over sauteed greens and lentils or another grain of your choosing, and you've got yourself a beautiful dinner. 

fruit & cacao overnight oats

we can all relate to squeezing in those 7 extra minutes of sleep in the morning before mustering up the strength to leave the comfort of our beds - we feel ya! while that additional time seems vital in the moment, it doesn't leave you much time to prepare a hearty breakfast before you leave the house. if you are not a morning person, this recipe is perfect because preparing everything the night before will give you that much needed extra time in the early hours. taking a few minutes before bed to assemble all these ingredients by simply layering them in a bowl, or a mason jar as we have done, really allows for all the flavours to soak in each other's goodness. this is a great treat year round being sure to add fruits that are in season. the recipe works great with dried fruits as well. it will most definitely leave you wanting more!

zucchini & roasted tomato frittata

please forgive us for our absence on the blog! like most canadians, the winter months have forced us into a state of hibernation, and finding a way to cope and power through with the ingredients that are no longer in season has been tougher than expected. but the colder months demand heartier meals, which brings us to this recipe for arguably one of the best frittatas you may whip up in your kitchen: decide after indulging please! this comes courtesy of chef jody williams from none other than buvette in new york city. the woman knows what she is doing when it comes to french cooking, adding a good dollop of butter or olive oil to each meal and creating quite a name for herself in the process. it's no secret that we recommend her petit gastrothèque (yes, we are biased because we got engaged there!) but it is the cutest little neighbourhood gem that is cooking up some of the best french food in new york. a saturday morning reminiscing about our last meal there inspired us to create our own version of her frittata recipe for a late breakfast. consider this a staple - and while you're at it, you should consider adding her cookbook to your collection at home. you won't be disappointed.

courtyard in portland

Portland is one of our favorite cities. So when we came across this private residence and studio in Portland by Works Partnership, it gave us all the more desire to find these types of hidden architectural gems there. The house was adapted from a 5000 sq.ft former warehouse and auto repair shop with a series of four bowstring trusses and exposed roof framing. The intent was to maintain the vast trussed ceiling and the open floor plan, while inserting standard house amenities to the interior. The result manages to give you a sense of the expanse of the large structure while also creating smaller scaled living areas. A series of new skylights create an abundance of natural light and pools of sun throughout the house. But our favorite space happens at the center, where the plan and roof align to form a central open-air courtyard. The private outdoor space effortlessly creates a minimal space in an otherwise complex original structure. The finishing touch? They put a hammock in that courtyard! Needless to say, we would lounge there for hours.

pool house in belgium

Cottage spaces are first and foremost about their relationships to the outdoors. So when this minimalist poolhouse designed by Belgian architect Marc Merckx came under our radar, we were instantly enamored by it. The design is characteristic of his tamed interiors, evidence of a search for the perfect balance between proportion, materials and space. One of Merckx’s latest projects, the pool house features a black timber facade that responds to its heavily treed context, next to the blue shades of the adjacent swimming pool. The structure’s symmetry is mirrored by the reflection of the water, creating a beautiful sense of repetition. Material usage is reduced, and structural elements are light and delicate so that the structure has a sensitive relationship to the outside. Speaking for ourselves, we wouldn't mind a relaxing summer afternoon hanging poolside at this place.

strawberry coconut 'milkshake'

this concoction is completely reminiscent of a classic strawberry milkshake and will take you right back to your childhood - guilt free! as we have been on the hunt to find a healthy milkshake recipe, we are always inspired by sarah britton's, my new roots, who somehow always finds a way to put a healthy twist on an old school classic. as there's nothing better than experiencing nostalgia in the morning, indulging in this luscious strawberry creation, especially when in season, is the perfect way to start your day.

banana cashew pudding with fresh figs

we call it pudding, but here is the full disclaimer: we are guilty for having this at breakfast. the name pudding quite honestly comes from our association of the smooth, creamy texture that this mixture produces, but without any dairy, refined sugar, or heat needed! of course we are big fans of breakfast smoothie bowls for their great combination of time efficiency and maximum flavor. we love this combination of banana and cashew for those end of summer days with the cooler, crisp air. the heartiness of the nut butter and the natural creaminess of the banana is like a healthy take on elvis' legendary sandwich, but one which goes great for a pre or post workout or run for the amount of quick-releasing energy it gives. we find that the natural cashews and its corresponding butter and a more subtle nuance that adds to the creamy texture. hence why it can totally pass as a lovely dessert as well. the fresh figs thrown on top which are best when seasonal, add a complementary burst of sweetness and flavor.

roasted beet & kale salad with fennel

for the longest time, we were intimidated by the thought of cooking our own beets at home. despite our love for them, they were constantly avoided when grocery shopping. as we were strolling through whole foods one day trying to think of what to make for dinner, we decided to give them a shot since they were in season and the grocery store was practically giving them away. now, we indulge in this gorgeous vegetable probably too much for our own good! this salad has honestly become a staple on a weekday night. as we welcome fall in with open arms, having beets in our fridge while they are at the peak of their season has become tradition.

morning acai bowl

unfortunately, our typical morning routine usually only lasts all of about thirty minutes. although we would love to have the time to wake up slowly, embrace the morning air, and take our time to make a lovely breakfast as we do on most weekends, the reality is that time is of the essence and thus we must be very efficient! this is where bowls come in; a fantastic medley of various fruits, nut butters, seeds, and yogurts which can be combined in a variety of ways. your blender is your best friend here, and although the quick and easiness of these bowls may seem far from exciting, the crisp, vibrant flavors they pack suggest otherwise. one of our favorites is by far the classic acai bowl. the tangy and bright palette of the acai and the smoothness of the banana and coconut flavors are a lovely way to wake up, in a very small amount of time.

spring pea & mint crostini

we are always infatuated with how to create with as little as possible, in as little time as possible, with the maximum amount of flavor. this is most likely the golden dream of cooking. that's why when we came across this recipe by rikke storm for spring pea and mint crostini, we quickly gravitated towards it and tested it out on a willing audience. the addition of the mint to the pea spread is an absolute must, as is the spreading of garlic cloves onto the warm, sliced baguette. don't miss those two essentials and you'll have a delightful shareable plate.

apple & olive oil cake

we recently hosted a seasonal late summer gathering with some close friends and family to celebrate our engagement. it was a beautiful late afternoon that quickly turned into evening, given these shorter summer nights. one of the winning servings was by far the dessert; a simple apple and olive oil cake that was light and soft. the recipe case came from one of our favorite food blogs, sunday suppers, and with a few tweaks of lemon zest and juice we transformed it into something with a little bit more tang to add a palette-cleansing end to the evening. it's unfortunate we didn't prepare two, because this dessert went quickly!