courtyard in portland

bowstring truss house by works partnership architects

Portland is one of our favorite cities. So when we came across this private residence and studio in Portland by Works Partnership, it gave us all the more desire to find these types of hidden architectural gems there. The house was adapted from a 5000 sq.ft former warehouse and auto repair shop with a series of four bowstring trusses and exposed roof framing. The intent was to maintain the vast trussed ceiling and the open floor plan, while inserting standard house amenities to the interior. The result manages to give you a sense of the expanse of the large structure while also creating smaller scaled living areas. A series of new skylights create an abundance of natural light and pools of sun throughout the house. But our favorite space happens at the center, where the plan and roof align to form a central open-air courtyard. The private outdoor space effortlessly creates a minimal space in an otherwise complex original structure. The finishing touch? They put a hammock in that courtyard! Needless to say, we would lounge there for hours.