It's seldom to encounter a place with such a high caliber for design, ambitious food, and a shared social appetite for exceptionally thoughtful public space. As the birthplace of New Nordic cuisine or the mecca of Danish Modern design, Copenhagen shows us what is possible with fierce imagination and an appetite for the future. Add this to its bountiful urban environment of harbourfront promenades, lush parks and its symbiotic blend of contemporary and historic architecture, and it becomes hard to find something displeasing. It's an example of what happens when a city puts people first. Just grab a bicycle and see for yourself.


1.2 mil



distance from CPH airport to city centre


average summer temp


ideal travel time

5 days

hotel sp34



Of the limited selection of boutique hotels found in Copenhagen, one of the standouts without a doubt is SP34. Equipped with 118 minimally-designed rooms, four bars, two bustling restaurants and a rooftop terrace, hanging out on the casual wooden tiers of the hotel lobby can prove to be just as relaxing as hibernating in your room. To expedite your ventures into the city, you can rent bicycles directly from the concierge. Given that exquisite Danish hospitality comes as second nature here, you're sure to be in good hands during the entirety of your stay.

Area / Latin Quarter

Vibe / Cool and contemporary Danish-design to perfect your hygge practice or up your wine game.



Cafe & Bakery


In recent years, Copenhagen has become infatuated with bread, and this off-the-beaten path institution is clear evidence of that. A seat by the expansive windows that open up to the street, deconstructed Danish breakfast, and a masterfully crafted cappuccino is the move here. You are among friends with the locals who pull up by bicycle and order crusty sourdough loaves directly from the take-out window, insisting you break yourself off a piece. It is crucial that you do not leave Mirabelle without trying their immaculate almond croissant. Or just return for the equally-satisfying dinner and order pastries for dessert. 

Area / Inner Nørrebro

Vibe / A bright all-day eatery where Italian-inspired baking nestles into Danish hygge.

israels plads / torvehallerne

Public Space / Market


If you travel into the city be metro to Norrebro station, this space is sure to be one of the first places you'll stumble upon. Stepping into Torvehallerne is an exercise in itself - restraint of your appetite, as the vibrant food market bustling with locals drinking wine and snacking on the sidewalks, is immediately inviting. Debating your options can be tough; from the Nordic-inspired tacos at Hija de Sanchez, to the Danish porridges at Grød, the options seem endless. But once decided, head over to Israelsplads across the street to relax, enjoy, and people watch. Every hour the sun is out is precious time to bask in warm temperatures and enjoy the vast public space here and others scattered throughout the city.

Area / Central CPH

Vibe / Minimal public space for kids and adults alike, directly across from the diverse food hall in the heart of the city.




This vibrant neighbourhood located just north of the centre is where you will find a wide array of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. A neighbourhood equally inviting to stroll and wander aimlessly or to visit for a stellar meal at one of the many excellent restaurants, Nørrebro is reflective of the new direction for Copenhagen's culture. The streets of Jægersborggade and Elmegade are two particular favourites, where the colourful and restrained historic architecture cultivates a delightful and lively street life. But to see more, join the locals and hop on a bicycle. You will find that cycling on the devoted and respected bicycle lanes is both incredibly safe and therapeutic.

Area / Nørrebro

Vibe / The up and coming hipster-cool neighbourhood with a strong coffee and restaurant culture.

aamanns deli



If you first arrive to a new city hungry and immediately seek out the food, you'll find Copenhagen is encapsulated in a couple bites at Aamanns Deli. Open-face sandwiches on rye known as smorrebrød are incredibly architectural - where every topping and garnish is strategically assembled and the ingredients subtly speak to Danish culinary history. If old-school smorrebrød with pickled herring or smoked fish isn't your thing, you needn't worry - the deli also gets creative with new forms of the traditional sandwich that'll have you craving another before your done your first.

Area / Inner Oesterbro

Vibe / Casual Danish bistro in a minimal, no-fuss and intimate space. 

8 house



Danish-born architect Bjarke Ingels has seen much success with work in Copenhagen and abroad, but his core design principals were all first experimented with here. Rent a bicycle and travel a mere 30min from Copenhagen to a newly developing residential quarter on the horizon of the city. Strategically positioned where rural Denmark meets the urban fabric, the figure eight-shaped complex is designed to offer residential living quarters for people at different stages of life, emphasizing design as a means to coexist. As a city within a building, you'll get lost meandering it's elevated streetscapes and utopian courtyards.   

Area / Ørestad

Vibe / A three-dimensional neighbourhood promoting spontaneous encounters and neighbour interactions.

designmuseum danmark



One can not meander around Copenhagen without noticing the city's shared principal of good design. You'll experience it in the well-curated restaurants and cafes as well as the minimal yet people-oriented architecture and public space, but the highest culmination is profiled at the Designmuseum. One of the most visually satisfying exhibits, "The Danish Chair" showcases the collection of chairs that were critical in shaping Denmark's reputation in furniture design across the world. 110 classic Danish chairs, including iconic pieces by Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen amongst many, provide an all-encompassing experience of Danish furniture emphasizing design as a Danish way of life.

Area / Indre By (Inner City)

Vibe / Respite from the urban streets to celebrate and admire the iconic collections of Danish designers. 




With an array of restaurants spearheading the New Nordic cuisine movement, this place still manages to stand alone as a prolific and unique expression of Danish food. Beginning humbly with the most incredibly elongated loaf of sourdough (baked by the aforementioned sister-establishment Mirabelle) the meal continues to narrate a melodic story of ingredients. The series of courses manage to create a beautiful balance with each other while still retaining a home-cooked quality void of pretentiousness. Just walking down into the cellar-like space will make you feel warm and taken care of, which makes it exactly where you would want to leave your appetite.

Area / Outer Nørrebro

Vibe / Minimal Scandinavian cottage in the city, with elevated yet comforting Nordic cuisine.

admiralgade 26



A perfect harmony of Japanese ceramics and culinary inspiration with Danish intimacy and clean design, this laid-back space is perfectly suited for a few glasses of wine as much as it is for a fantastic dinner. Housed within a loft-like space with bright tall windows, a collection of beautiful mis-mashed mid-century modern furniture is paired with an incredible aroma of Japanese-inspired seasonal dishes. Food is understated and compelling, while service makes you feel like family. You'll soon find yourself switching up the chairs during dinner because each one looks just as inviting as the next.

Area / Nyhavn

Vibe / Japanese zen with Danish thoughtfulness in Old Town.

nobis hotel


The exterior facade of this landmark building, originally erected in 1903 for the Royal Danish Academy of Music, paints a quintessential scene from a Wes Anderson film. Step inside and it is utterly stunning with its vaulted ornamental ceilings combined with clean and minimal Scandinavian designed furniture. This boutique hotel located a block from the beautiful Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen, is luxurious yet comfortable making the splurge for the stay well worth it.

Area / Inner Vesterbro

Vibe / Danish Neoclassicism meets Swedish sensibility with a comfortable elegance.


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