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distance from PRG airport to city centre


average summer temp


ideal travel time

4 days


boho hotel



Chic and upscale, it's hard to not stumble into this hotel when wandering through Old Town. The rooms are lavishly decorated with clean-lined pieces but the ground level is the place to hang out and unwind. A private library sitting room equipped with a rolling ladder and fireplace, a beautiful eating area bathed in natural light and an exquisite and relaxing spa. Your stay while in Prague will encapsulate exclusivity at its finest.

Area / Old Town

Vibe / Chic and luxurious hospitality vibes with a killer lobby playlist.



Bakery & Restaurant


Eska is mesmerizing and acts as theatre for the diner. Nestled in the heart of Karlín, this bright and airy loft space with sizeable windows is a bakery, a restaurant and cafe. Grab a seat at the hightop table and become enthralled by the perfect view with all of the chefs and front of house staff prepping, cooking, and vibing out to great tunes. The coffee is great, service is attentive and everything coming out of that kitchen is made before your eyes. 

Area / Karlín

Vibe / An open-concept kitchen connecting chef to diners operating in perfect harmony.

old town square.jpg

Staroměstské náměstí

Public Space


It would be incredibly difficult not to include Old Town Square at the centre of the city's public space.While it is vastly over-saturated with tourists and currency exchanges, it can at first feel chaotic, but once you phase out that noise and truly focus on where you are in the world, you are overcome with emotion and gratitude. Old Town Square is the central hub that connects all the tiny one-off side streets to one another which makes for the perfect opportunity to stumble and get lost. 

Area / Staroměstské Náměstí

Vibe / The true magical heartbeat of Prague.

Staré Město



Prague's Old Town is overwhelming in its whimsicality. The first time you wander the streets getting lost in the allure of every building's ornamentation, extravagant architecture, lovely street corners, or quaint side streets, you will immediately fall in love. Seek out David Černý's, "The Hanging Man" amongst many of the art installations displaced in this area, grab a pastry and a coffee and wander aimlesslessly. It is the best way to discover the beauty of Old Town.

Area / Staré Město

Vibe / Cobblestone streets lined with stunning pastel coloured ornamental facades.

stare miasto.jpg

kavarna místo



Attention to detail is not only found in the coffee or the food here, but Místo is incredibly thoughtful in its design and space. The atmosphere is warm with the help of wood cladding and minimal with its simple, linear marble bar. Upon entry, you are welcomed by concrete bleacher-like steps, which is arguably the best seat in the house, and a gorgeous coffee machine accompanied by a top notch pastry case. There is also a full kitchen and eat-in menu if you are feeling something more satiating. Spending time here is a pleasure.

Area / Letna

Vibe / Neighbourhood gem offering stellar coffee, savoury eats and good music. 

Pražský hrad



Having over 700 rooms, Prague Castle is the largest in the Europe and one of the largest castle complexes in the world.  A perfect day in Prague would be to cross the Charles Bridge to walk the grounds of the complex, take a tour, or people watch. Be sure to get there early before the tour groups arrive and experience one of most breathtaking panoramic views of this stunning city.  

Area / Hradčany

Vibe / Castle complex across the river and opposite the city centre enlivened with tourists.

prague castle.jpg


Galerie Jiří Švestka

Art Gallery


This private gallery in the heart of the city established in 1995, showcases artwork exclusive to the Czech Republic and Central Europe for a global audience. With a specific focus on contemporary art, the gallery has participated in over 20 international art fairs and has enhanced Czech culture and set a high level for Czech contemporary art and its perception.

Area / Smíchov

Vibe / Local gallery celebrating the art and culture of Prague on an international scale.  




Chef-owner Paul Day's Asian casual fine dining and the city's first ever whole animal restaurant in the heart of Old Town is a must. The menu is designed to be shared family style, so the more guests in your party, the more dishes you can indulge in. The thoughtfulness and freshness of the ingredients, knowledgeable staff and luscious cocktails provide for a unique experience that isn't being replicated elsewhere amidst the city's restaurant scene. Having the opportunity to dine here is a privilege and one to remember.

Area / Nové Město

Vibe / Pleasureable eatery on an inviting street corner combining Czech classics with Asian twists.





Your dinner selection is crafted by a ten course tasting menu with available wine pairing, transports you to where they find their inspiration - in the field. The servers who sport designer jeans and trendy frames are educated in all aspects assuring your curated dining experience is nothing but enjoyable. The space is comfortable, thoughtfully designed; sleek minimalism with cheeky objects acting as a reminder of where the ingredients are harvested from. Local and seasonal ingredients sometimes take the form of their initial origin, however, the dishes are delectable and complimentary of each course.

Area / Staré Město

Vibe / Casual atmosphere never made a Michelin-star establishment so delightful.

hotel moods



The contemporary new design of this boutique hotel with subtle retro nuances is the perfect stay no matter what you're in the mood for. With its central location perfectly nestled between Old Town Square and the Karlín district, your stay will be comfortable, inviting and relaxing. Inspirational quotes are painted on the walls of each guest room, and the breakfast is complimentary and plentiful if you're about convenience. You're in good hands here as the staff makes you feel right at home.

Area / City Center

Vibe / Boutique design hotel with incredibly kind staff steps away from Old Town Square.

hotel-12865-moods 2.jpg

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