The Eternal City; full of romance, history, charm and food. Though the capital of Italy is a city so vivacious and vivid, it's more about the small things here that make ordinary life so beautiful. One must succumb to the piano piano of it all and, slowly but passionately, discover the details that'll undoubtedly begin your love affair with Rome. It's about the side streets, the local neighbourhood haunts, the markets and shops that are passed down for generations, the fresh fruit and market vegetables that'll make you realize that you've never actually tasted peaches before, the sheer fact that gelato o'clock is a real thing. Comprised of different districts and pocketed neighbourhoods all with their own social and architectural character, they create this whimsical yet strong resilience in Rome's tenure. This is the place to get lost, fall in love a little bit, realize that life isn't all that complicated, and succumb to its charm through a humble plate of pasta.


2.9 mil



distance from FCO airport to downtown


average summer temp


ideal travel time

6 days

fifteen keys



Housed in a renovated townhouse a mere ten minute walk from the Colosseum, this boutique hotel feels like a private residence all to yourself. Within a quiet, cobble-stoned neighborhood packed with an array of cafes and vintage boutiques, its name alludes to the fifteen individually designed rooms across four floors, all bathed in sunlight and offering views of either the courtyard or the neighboring Roman rooftops. Each understated and comfortably sized room features old exposed stone architecture, walk-in closets, petite balconies for a morning espresso, and padded headboards upholstered in neutral fabrics. Consider it your retreat to unwind in after exploring the sometimes hectic Eternal City, with wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks available at your disposal.

Area / Monti

Vibe / Intimate rooms where Roman classicism meets clean minimalism.



Cafe & Salumeria


A required stop on any Roman morning, this multifaceted operation in the heart of Rome boasts some of the best pastries and exquisite Italian delicacies. Providing an array of choices from amaretti cookies, to strong Italian espressos, Roscioli is a must for anyone looking for that quintessential bakery and deli that embellishes quality Italian baking. Four generations strong, the two brothers who currently run the show operate with a few principles including the best ingredients, the purest of passion, and the preservation of family traditions and values. Simply put, whether you are there for a hearty panini, a small cookie, or a humble bowl of cacio e pepe, each bite is a thing of beauty that just can't be replicated.  

Area / Campo de' Fiori & Via Arenula

Vibe / Authentic antico forno for classic Italian provisions and love of craft.



piazza navona

Public Space


Stumbling the streets of Rome is unequivocally magical. The narrow cobblestone alleyways that eventually lead you to Piazza Navona make you feel like you found the light at the end of the tunnel - and that light is heaven. Three beautiful Baroque-style fountains enveloped by shops, restaurants and traditional Roman architecture, bustling with tourists and locals alike, is stunning and overwhelming in the most beautiful way. Though the tourist traps are frequent here, somehow they are part of the charm and allure that makes the historic piazza a stage set for Roman life. It's the perfect place to people watch and throw coins in the fountains wishing and dreaming of the day you return.

Area / Centro Storico

Vibe / A grand moment of openess tucked between the sea of narrow Roman streets.

campo de' fiori



With a name that translates literally to field of flowers, it immediately elicits the desire to stumble upon this piazza to see how that name comes to life. What was once a field of fresh flowers, today the piazza Campo de' Fiori is a lively local flower and food market which overflows with locals from morning until night every day since 1869. You'll find the Nonna bargaining over the best tomatoes, Italian men playing afternoon cards over espresso, and bakers selling crusty loaves curbside. This is the perfect neighbourhood to immerse yourself in for a sampling of everyday Roman life. Staying into the evening will prove profitable, as the piazza becomes alive with restaurants, wine bars and terraces open well into the early hours.  

Area / Campo de' Fiori

Vibe / Ancient Rome for the hopeless romantic and notorious wanderluster.

bonci pizzarium

Bakery and Cafe


What is a Roman day without a slice of the quintessential Italian delight? Here, carb enthusiasts and pizza lovers unite for some of the best and unorthodox pizza in the city. First made popular by Anthony Bourdain on an episode of The Layover, the pizza here is served al taglio or 'by the cut' which is the way the Romans do it and you'll most definitely want to do it too. The perfectly airy and yeasty crusts with a variety of toppings at this unassuming hole in the wall, are well-known by locals and sought out by tourists. When your stomach starts grumbling during your tour of St. Peter's Square and the Vatican Museum, a short ten minute walk away will satisfy that essential Italian pizza craving.

Area / Trionfale District

Vibe / Unassuming hole in the wall where Roman pizza dreams are made of.

parco della musica



Whether you have the pleasure to enjoy a concert in one of the sublime three theatres here, or your passion for architecture has you paying a visit, Parco della Musica at the slight outskirts of central Rome is a destination for both. Designed by Italian architect, Renzo Piano, the complex consists of three armadillo-shaped shells that form a Colosseum-esque outdoor amphitheater. Built from local Roman materials, the concert halls were nestled on the site of the 1960s Olympics in Rome and are currently the epicenter for many spectacular live music concerts from a vast array of different genres. It is a serene escape from the often crowded Central Rome, and a concert in the outdoor amphitheater on a hot summer night is transcendent. Don't be surprised if one of the friendly staff members decides to give you an enthusiastic private tour. 

Area / Quartiere I Flaminio

Vibe / Wonderfully designed indoor and outdoor public music complex just north of Central Rome.

maxxi museum



Although nearly impossible, you may begin to tire of the ancient Roman architecture and art, and begin to crave a more current expression of the city's art scene. Consider this as the counterpoint; a coveted contemporary museum located at Rome's first outskirt envisioned by the meticulous design studio of the late architect, Zaha Hadid. With notable rotating exhibits bathed in natural light, the unapologetic concrete design is sensitized by fluid interior elements. From fashion design, modern sculpture, or film work, it continues to house some of the most prevalent contemporary art pieces that are directly correlated to Italian cultural context. For creative individuals and art seekers alike, the Maxxi Museum's devotion to contemporary work is a welcome contrast to the historic context of the old city.

Area / Quartiere I Flaminio

Vibe / Contemporary art pieces showcased in minimal, curving, fluid spaces.

da cesare al casaletto



Life in Rome can operate on some pretty basic everyday rituals, such as eating a heavenly bowl of cacio e pepe. This equally simple and sophisticated Roman dish is only a handful of ingredients handled meticulously, which often makes its execution a focused and respectful task. For a dish like this amongst other classics, Da Cesare is a family owned restaurant that, since 1950, still executes comforting Italian dishes to a neighbourhood crowd of locals. Located on the outskirts of the city, this is a place far removed from the tourist eating traps of Rome in regards to food and atmosphere. The former is done with the use of fresh local ingredients of the highest quality, and the latter is achieved through family hospitality and convivial locals who will happily have a glass of wine with you. If you can imagine having that large extended Italian family in Rome, you'd all eat here. 

Area / Quartiere XII Gianicolense

Vibe / Rustic classics in a local hood where tradition shines in every dish.




The comfort of Italian food is notorious for being one heavy course after another. Enter Marzapane: where the approach to typical Italian plates is presented through a thoughtful tasting menu that is smaller on those notorious courses, and instead more deliberate on flavor. While the contemporary composition of the restaurant nods to refined Scandinavian design, the food is lightly yet justifiably avant-garde in its approach to traditional Italian cuisine. With an open kitchen laboratory from which incredible smells permeate the room, the upscale dining experience is delightful and delicious and best of all, an affordable dinner splurge with all things considered. It's quite remarkable when their take on something as simple as arancini can make you feel like you've rediscovered Italian cuisine for the first time. 

Area / Quartiere IV Salario

Vibe / Comforting yet elevated narrative of Italian cooking in an intimate setting.

the corner townhouse



With its hidden doors and tucked-away terraces, this retreat is an under-the-radar, modest little gem of a hotel. In the relatively undiscovered Aventine neighborhood just a  ten minute stroll from Circus Maximus, its intimate charm is complemented by a laid-back openness with a glass-walled restaurant that retreats its roof in the warmer months and a street-level bistro as inviting as Nonna's garden. It's unique charm comes in the form of the eleven bedrooms designed by the owner, architect Danilo Magilo, all defined by bold colour schemes, comfortable white wing-back chairs, and mirrors that turn into televisions at the touch of a tablet. For all of its untouched nostalgic charm, the understated 21st century updates make for a truly stress-free stay. 


Area / Aventine

Vibe / Eclectic and contemporary boutique hotel completely redefining Roman hospitality.


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